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Water Temp Gauge for Trucks and Cars

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Range 100°F to 300°F. Includes a 16' plug in Stainless Steel Adjustable Sensor & cable. Mounts in a Standard 2 1/16" Hole. 

If you are looking for a helpful gauge to add to the dashboard of your car, this digital auto water temperature gauge is a great addition. It can accurately read the the water temperature with a range of 100 degrees F to 300 degree F. It comes with a 16 foot stainless steel sensor and cable that is adjustable. It also fits and easily mounts into a standard 2 1/16 inch hole on your dashboard.

If you are ever concerned with the temperature of your water, you can be confident knowing you can rely on this trans temp gauge to help you monitor how warm or cool your water is running at which can help you be able to diagnose problems right away before they turn into mechanical problems down the road which can lead to costly repair bills and time you don’t get to spend on the road.

The display on this digital electric water temp thermometer is easy to read and comes in a choice of chrome or black and has a lifetime warranty. It is programmable and you will be amazed at the ease of being able to program the transmission temperature gauge accurately. It comes with a non-shorting mounting bracket and has the automatic dimming which makes it easy to see in all different kinds of light. You can purchase this water temp gauge in chrome plating bezels for no extra cost.

The digital auto water temp sensor makes it easier to read and you will not have to strain your eyes on the road to be able to gauge the temperature of your water. If you really want to add a nice tool to your car, this electric water temperature gauge can be very helpful and allow you to make a much more accurate diagnosis right away by being able to monitor the temperature of your water instead of waiting until there is a problem to figure out how to fix it.

The H2O temperature gauges are easy to install, but you can be assured that if you do run into any problems with it you can rely on with buying this transmission temperature gauge is that if you need any assistance when you are installing or operating your water temp sensor, there is a toll free customer support line with people who are ready to help answer any questions that you may have on the gauge and assist you with any problems you may encounter.

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