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Truck Scale Gauge

Click here to go to the product page for our truck scale gauge (load weight gauge).


MAX LOAD of 100,000 lbs.! Monitor the exact load weight on your truck with a digital truck scale gauge.  Calibrate the gauge at the truck scales once and skip the scales in the future.  The process takes one minute, but saves save time and money in the future.  These gauge are top-of-the-line, thus after calibration, you can skip the scales.


The bright LED display gauge presents large numbers and installs in your dash.  The gauge reports to within +/- 100lbs when calibrated at 33,900lbs.  This gauge has precise sensors on which you can rely.  The sensors themselves attach to the air line from the air bags.  All our Teltek gauges are top end, made in the U.S.A. and come with a lifetime warranty.


The digital truck scale gauge fits in a standard 2 1/16"  dash hole.  The bezel color of the  digital gauge can either be chrome or black.   Some truckers prefer a more subtle gauge and choose the black.  Other truckers prefer the classic chrome  bezel for their dash display.  Either  way, the blue or red LED display looks sharp.   The LED display provides plenty of juice so the numbers can be read in  strong sunlight.


In addition to commercial trucking, digital truck scale gauges and the accompanying pressure sensors can be installed on motor homes and non-commercial trucks that carry heavy loads such as campers.  These digital load gauges spice up the  dashboard of any vehicle.


With top end Teltek digital load pressure gauge you rest  assured that the pressure within your air bags is where you want it.


Click here to go to the product page for our truck scale gauge (load weight gauge).