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Truck Fuel Level Gauge

Digital Fuel Gauge for Trucks, Made in America, Teltek Brand

If you are like most truckers, you like to increase the mileage of your truck and get the most out of your fuel tank. The main obstacle to increasing the mileage is the truck fuel level gauge on your car, which may make you believe you have less or possibly more fuel than you actually do.

Many truck fuel level gauges are inaccurate with their readings and show the fuel tank to be empty when there are gallons left in the gas tank.  Or, they display will show full, even after a few dozen miles of driving. Fortunately, with this digital truck and tractor fuel level gauge, you can be assured your readings will be precise and accurate. 

With a range of 0 to 100%, the fuel tank level indicator will display the percent of fuel left in the tank. The gauge is made for the standard ISSPRO type sensors and RA9200 Series 240 OHM – 330 OHM.  The truck fuel level gauge comes pre-calibrated for the ISSPRO Tank Sensor RA9200 series.

A low fuel warning will display once the fuel tank level has dropped to 20%, alerting you that you should think about re-filling soon. The LED display has large numbers, which allows for easy viewing, even under sunlight.  You have the choice of a bright blue or red LED display.  All LEDs come with a standard auto-dimming feature for driving at night.

With these digital aftermarket fuel level gauges, you will also have the option of bezel colors, including chrome and black. The gauge mounts in a standard 2 1/16" hole and installation should be no hassle. This product also comes with a lifetime warranty (excluding abuse) and is made right here, in the USA.

The truck fuel level sending unit is placed in the fuel tank of the vehicle and consists of a float, which is typically made of foam and connected to a thin, metal rod. When the tank is filled, the float is at its highest position. The upside is limited either by the top of the tank or by the rod to which the fuel float is connected. Therefore, when the float is submerged, it would not begin to sink until the fuel level goes down to almost the bottom of the float and the needle on the gauge would not begin to move until the float starts to sink. Also sometimes the float can reach the bottom of its travel while there is still fuel in the tank. Therefore, the needle will go below empty and eventually stops moving, even though gas is still there in the tank. With this digital aftermarket fuel level gauge, you get a digital percentage display from the fuel level unit, which helps to provide a more accurate measurement, instead of the traditional needle display.

This digital aftermarket fuel gauge can be used with a number of Trucks, Cars, Tractor, Pick up, Semi brands like as: Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Freightliner, GMC, Hino, International, Izuzu, Kenworth, Mack, Mitsubishi, Peterbilt, Sterling, Universal, Volvo, and Western Star

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