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If you are looking for a gauge that will help you monitor the air pressure in your truck, this digital semi truck air pressure sensor gauge is what you are looking for. It has a range of 0-100, or 0-150psi and comes together with a built-in high accuracy sensor. These gauges fit into a standard 2 1/16 inch hole in the dash-board. The air pressure sensor gauges are provided with the choice of black or chrome at no additional cost.  The top of the line LED display come in both blue and red.

This air pressure sensor gauge is accurate at monitoring the air pressure of 0-100, or 0-150 pounds per square inch and is very easy to install, set and use. . If you would have any problems when you are using your digital tractor trailer air pressure sensor gauge, you can call the toll free customer service number and they will assist you with any problems that you may be having. 

The LED display on this air pressure sensor gauge is easy to read and has the automatic dimming characteristic which allows the LED display to adjust to changing light conditions and can help ensure that you will be able to easily read the display no matter what time of day you are driving. This air pressure sensor gauge is a great addition to your dashboard in your automobile, and  can help you monitor the air pressure to help prevent any future problems that can be associated with not having the correct level of air pressure in your truck, car or tractor.

You will feel more secure with the air pressure information right in front of you, on your long trips, since your truck's air pressure can play a vital role in its performance, safety and stability. If you ever have wondered or been concerned with knowing the accurate amount of PSI that is being applied to the air pressure in your truck, this air pressure sensor gauge with external PSI sensors is what you need to help ease your mind and keep you informed of the air pressure in your truck. This digital semi truck gauge has a range of 0 to 100, or 0 1o 150 PSI and is supplied with a high accuracy external PSI sensor and cable. You can also feel confident knowing this product is made right here in America, and is covered by a lifetime warranty (excluding abuse and cable).

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