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Tractor Trailer Air Pressure Sensor

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Having the right gauges in a vehicle can give one more control of how their semi, truck or car runs and help ensure the auto will continue to run smoothly.  This is an excellent accessory for one's RV or mobile-home if they want to accurately and continuously measure the air pressure via a LED display in the cabin. There are two models of the pressure sensor.  One model has a range of 0-150 PSI, and one model has range of 0-100 PSI.  The zero to one hundred and fifty pounds per square inch model is more of a heavy-hauler model.  The air pressure gauge package includes the LED two and one sixteenths inch round display, a high accuracy external PSI sensor and a sensor cable that makes for straightforward installation.

When one wants to ensure they know how much PSI they are applying, this digital semi truck air pressure sensor gauge will be able to assist them in taking care that they are not carrying, loading, braking, et cetera with too much pressure.  For example, the gauge can assist if one wants to ensure that there is equal pressure being applied onto your trailer and tractor. 

There are a lot of great standard features that come with this digital tractor trailer air pressure gauge include a lifetime warranty and are made in America, giving one the comfort of knowing that Teltek USA sensors are of the highest quality. There is a customer support phone number that one can call in case a customer has challenges with the gauges when installing, setting and using the air pressure gauge.  The display also has an auto dimming feature so customers will not have to worry about being able to read the display in different light conditions.  The ability to monitor that amount of load pressure being applied with the help of this digital semi truck gauge makes it a very good accessory to add to the dashboard in one's truck or car.

The digital semi air pressure gauge monitors air pressure and is compatible with a number of different truck manufacturers such Universal, Freightliner, International and Western Star.

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