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Interior and Exterior Temperature Sensor Gauge

Click here to purchase our Interior and Exterior Temperature Sensor Gauge. When you are looking for a gauge that can help you accurately monitor the temperatures both indoors and outdoors, this digital dual display temperature sensor gauge is what you are looking for to add to your dashboard. The dual display inside and outside air temperature sensor gauges are capable of reading temperatures from -99 degrees F to 150 degrees F with an incredible accuracy of + or – 1 degree.  Or, if you prefer Celsius, just flick a switch on the gauge.

You can be assured that as the temperature changes outside, you will be able to adapt to the different weather conditions whether your driving a car, truck, semi or RV.  You will be able to watch for icy conditions on the road because this digital tractor trailer dual display indoor and outdoor temperature gauge is equipped to alert you when the temperature outside drops to 34 degrees F. You will see an "ICE" warning appear on the display to alert you that the conditions outside could produce ice on the roads and help prepare you for any icy conditions that you may encounter. 

If you like to be able to use the gauge to display F and C degrees, this dual display indoor and outdoor temperature sensor gauge allows you to choose between each one to be able to use whichever measure you like to use. It is easy to mount in a 2 1/16 inch hole and comes equipped with two 10 feet sensor cables that make installing the dual display temperature gauge easy and quick. If you do run into any problems when installing, setting or using the gauge, you can call the customer support line for help anytime. 

The LED display on these dual display indoor and outdoor temperature sensor gauges are automatically dimming so that they will adjust to different light conditions without you having to worry about seeing the display. This programmable digital semi truck temp gauge will not lose the settings that you have programmed when the power is turned off so you do not have to worry about reprogramming all of your settings every time that you turn the power off. The gauge comes with sensor cables and also is supplied with sensors that can read with excellent accuracy the air temperatures outside of the truck and inside of the truck.

Our Teltek USA gauges are commercial grade and will work with any number of vehicles such as Checy, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Honda and more.  Clicking here will take you to our Outside/Inside Dual Display Temperature Gauge product page.