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Fuel Restriction Gauge (monitor-indicator for fuel filter)

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The fuel restriction gauge is an excellent accessory for you to add to your car, motorhome, truck or vehicle. The gauge can help you accurately monitor the fuel filter restriction and help you know the condition of the fuel filters in your car. By being able to know when you should change the fuel filters in your car, you can help save yourself time and money by having to take it into the shop for costly repairs. This digital auto fuel restriction gauge has a range of 0-30 inch HG. It comes with a high accuracy vacuum sensor that is easy to install and program.

This digital auto fuel restriction gauge indicator will alert you when it is time to change the filters in your auto via a programmable change filter light. You are able to set the light on the gauge display to light up exactly at the fuel restriction level at which you want to be alerted.  After you change the fuel filters in your car, the sensor will automatically reset itself. The digital car fuel restriction monitor gauge will not lose the programming that you set when you turn the power off so you will not have to worry about having to reset and reprogram. This is an excellent accessory to have for your truck, or any other vehicle that you need to monitor the fuel filter.

Choose between a chrome or black bezel.  The LED display comes in either the color red or blue.  The LED display is commercial grade so drivers should have no problem reading the numbers, even under sunlight. This fuel filter indicator gauge has a lifetime warranty. If you want to know exactly how long you have before you need to replace the fuel filters in your car, this fuel restriction gauge can help you easily and accurately monitor when you should replace the fuel filters to help your car keep running at its best.

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Synonyms: Kenworth fuel filter gauge, Wester Star fuel monitor, Mack fuel sensor, International fuel indicator