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Fuel Pressure Sensor for Trucks and Cars

Fuel Pressure Sensor (Gauge) for Truck and Cars product page

If you are looking for a fuel pressure sensor and gauge that can help you accurately monitor the level of fuel pressure in the fuel system of your truck, tractor, RV, motorhome, car or other vehicle, this gauge can be an excellent addition to your dashboard.

The digital fuel pressure sensor gauge comes in two models: 0-150 PSI, or 0-300 PSI. A high accuracy external PSI sensor and 10' cable assembly is provided to give you a precise measurement of the system fuel pressure.  The sensor mounts on the fuel system with no fuel lines running to the back of the dash. The gauge also comes with a choice of colors for the bezel. You can choose from chrome or black, depending on your preference. Either way, you'll have a sleek gauge to accompany your dashboard. Being able to view the display on the gauge is no problem with the easy to read LED display and large numbers.  The LED display is offered in two colors: bright red or blue. Installation should not be much of a problem either, and a toll-free technical support number is also available to help you with any queries you might have regarding the gauge.

Maintaining proper system fuel pressure is very important for having proper air/fuel mixtures in both fuel injected and big applications. Any loss of fuel pressure can cause costly engine damage due to an extremely lean air/fuel mixture. So if you want to know the level of your truck or car fuel pressure at all times, then purchasing a fuel pressure gauge would be a wise decision. You can have the benefit of getting a chrome bezel at no additional cost to you, making the dual display gauge a nice addition to your display panel. The mounting bracket that comes with the digital big rig gauge is non-shorting and very easy to install. If you need any assistance when you are installing or operating your fuel pressure sensor, there is a customer support phone number with people who are ready to provide answers to any questions that you might about the gauge.

Would you like to know the dynamic reading of your truck or auto's fuel system pressure? Luckily, with this digital aftermarket fuel pressure sensor gauge, you will be able to have this helpful information right in front of you. You will also feel assured to know the gauge comes with a lifetime warranty (excluding abuse or sensor cable). It is also worth mentioning, that unlike many other fuel pressure gauges on the market, this one is made here in the America.

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