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Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor

Product page for our our Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor (Pyrometer)

The sensor has a wide temperature range, from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 1850 degrees. With this exhaust gas temperature sensor gauge (pyrometer), you also have the choice of bezel color, either chrome or black at no additional cost to you. This pyrometer sensor gauge is easy to install, set and use and if you do encounter any problems with the use of the gauge, there is a customer support line that can help you installation in you truck, tractor, RV, motorhome or other vehicle.

This digital exhaust gas temp gauge comes in three sizes to the mounting hole in your auto dash: small (2 1/16"), medium (3") and large (3 1/8" – 3 3/8"). If you do not have a mounting hole, a mounting bracket, pillar or other mounting apparatus can be purchased.  The LED display on this diesel pyrometer sensor gauge is able to dim according to the different light conditions and is very easy to read.  You have the option selecting a bright blue or red LED display color.

When you are looking for a digital exhaust gas temperature gauge that can accurately monitor the temperature of your vehicle exhaust and can help you know if your vehicle is going to overheat, this pyrometer sensor gauge is what you need for your truck, tractor, RV, motorhome, or car. Overheating can be a major problem in semi trucks, and it can be a problem that can lead to major mechanical repairs and expenses. Knowing if your truck is running at too high of a temperature can help prevent that from happening and it can help keep your truck running good. This digital exhaust gas temperature gauge is equipped with a thermocouple, lead wire and the gauge. 

If you have ever worried about your vehicle overheating, being able to catch your auto from overheating when it first begins is a sure way to allow you enough time to get the auto in and get it repaired so that you will not have future problems. Spending a little bit of money upfront on the exhaust gas temp gauge can help spare you from expensive repair bills down the road. Do not worry about being left on the side of the road from a vehicle that overheats, when you can have the option of installing this gauge to help keep your auto running smoothly and help you monitor the temperature. 

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