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Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge

Product page for our Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge (Pyrometer)

Range of this gauge is 40°F - 1850 °F, and comes with thermocouple, and lead wire.  Three sizes of gauges are available: Small (2 1/16"), Medium (3"), Large (3 1/8" and 3 3/8").  Blue or red LED display.  Black or chrome bezel.  Lifetime Warranty, Made in America.

Do you want to know when your truck, tractor or other vehicle might be overheating? With a digital
exhaust gas temperature gauge, you will be notified once the temperature has reached a high level. An exhaust gas temp gauge is frequently referred to as EGT gauge, or pyrometer gauge. Since some vehicles may run normally on different temperatures, this pyrometer or EGT gauge can be programmed to flash an alert, only when the acceptable temperature determined for your truck or auto has been breached. Unlike some other exhaust gas temp gauges on the market, this particular model is made right here, in the USA. You can also feel confident in knowing the gauge is covered by a lifetime warranty (excluding abuse and cables). Why put your truck or auto at risk of having a serious mechanical problem, due to overheating? Get this thermometer pyrometer and keep yourself aware of the temperature level. 

This aftermarket 
exhaust gas temp gauge requires a mounting hole and includes the thermocouple, lead wire, as well as the gauge itself. The gauge has a wide temperature range, from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 1850 degrees. With this digital auto pyrometer sensor gauge, you also have the choice of bezel color, either chrome or black. Unlike some other exhaust gas temperature gauges on the market, this product gives you this option and allows you to select the color that matches the rest of your dashboard, or stands apart from the others, whichever you prefer. This pyrometer gauge is also easy to install, so do not worry about the stress of a difficult installation process. You will also be relieved to know that the gauge's LED display screen is easy to read, with large numbers and will flash when it's necessary to alert you. 

If truck, tractor, RV, motorhome overheating has been a problem with you in the past, or if you simply want to be ready for the possibility of it occurring in the future, then this digital auto exhaust temp gauge would be a great purchase to consider. You do not want to risk being out on the road, or having your employees out on the road with the risk of overheating. It is better to do what you can to prevent the truck or automobile from overheating before it becomes a problem. The aftermarket pyrometer sensor gauge can give you the confidence and security that you need to ensure that your travels can be safe from overheating and you can be able to catch the overheating problem early on before it does further damage to your auto. 

Catching your vehicle from overheating when it first begins is a sure way to allow you enough time to get the truck or auto in and get it repaired so that you will not have future problems. Spending a little bit of money upfront on the exhaust gas temperature gauge can help spare you from expensive repair bills down the road. 

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