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Engine Run Time Meter - Dual Display - Digital

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If you are looking for a dual display engine run time meter gauge that has a top display for recording the time that the engine runs and a bottom display that is a trip hour meter, this dual display engine hour meter is what you are looking for.  The gauge will work with any auto:  semi truck, tractor, RV, motorhome, car or truck.

The great thing about this digital semi truck hour meter gauge is that the top display that records the total run time of the engine is not able to be altered by the user, so you know that the results and readings that you get are true and accurate. The bottom display allows you to reset the display for each trip so that you are able to record and compare engine run times on each trip. 

Some of the standard features of this dual display engine hour meter include a lifetime warranty that can help ensure you are completely satisfied with the durability and functionality of this product.  The gauge is manufactured by Teltek USA, with over 20 years of design and manufacturing experience. There is also an option for automatic dimming on the engine run time hour meter. Hour meter installation quick and simple.

This engine hour runtime engine gauge comes with your choice of a chrome or black bezel.  The LED display is not backlit.  The meter gauge also comes with a non-shorting bracket for easy installation and mounting in the 2 1/16" hole in your semi truck, tractor, RV, motorhome, car or truck. If you experience any issues at all with this hour engine meter, you can rely on the friendly customer service to either resolve or replace the engine runtime gauge.  There is a customer service number that is provided for you anytime that you need some additional technical support.

To help you be able to view and read the display easier, these digital semi truck hour engine meter gauges comes with white writing indicating which display is for "TOTAL HRS" and which is for "TRIP HRS."  This engine hour meter is not going to disappoint you whether you want to use it as a standard piece of equipment for all of your trucks and in your business or for personal use cars. The customer service and quality that goes into all of the gauges is second to none, and you will be able to experience that when you first purchase your engine hour meter and discover the ease of the engine run time meter installation.  You will be able to accurately read and record all of the engine run times with this digital tractor trailer dual display gauge.

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