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EGT Gauge and Sensor

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If you are searching for a EGT gauge and sensor for your semi truck, tractor, RV, motorhome or car, this pyrometer gauge may fit your individual needs. This aftermarket EGT gauge and sensor has a range of 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 1850 degrees Fahrenheit. The gauge comes with a Lifetime Warranty and is Made in America.  Provided with the gauge are a lead wire and thermocouple.  A black or chrome bezel can be selected at no extra cost.  The gauge can be shipped with either a bright blue or red LED display

The EGT gauge comes in three sizes as well.  Small fits a 2 1/16" mounting hole, medium fits a 3", and the Large gauge fits both 3 1/8" and 3 3/8".  The EGT sensor has a programmable high temperature flashing alert. When the temperature reaches that set point, the display will flash a message to you alerting you that the high temperature has been reached. 

EGT is an acronym for exhaust gas temperature, also know as a pyrometer gauge.  These EGT gauges can help you stay alert to high temperatures as well as bring attention you to any potential problems that may be taking place. This EGT gauge and sensor has a complete kit that includes the gauge, the thermocouple and lead wire all in the one package. It is easy to install and set and it can fit into a standard mounting holes on your dashboard. The gauge also comes in the choice of black bezel color or you can choose chrome at no additional cost. 

The LED display on this digital EGT gauge is easy to read and the temperature is displayed in degrees Fahrenheit.  Bright blue or red are the LED display options. The gauge also comes with a customer service phone number if you have any questions when you are installing, setting and utilizing the EGT gauge. This is a great accessory for your truck and is easy to use. 

This digital aftermarket EGT gauge pyrometer sensor gauge has a thermometer that accurately reads the temperature so that you can monitor it easily. It will not have to be reset whenever you turn the power off, and is easy to install and use. Spending a little bit of money on this highly useful gauge can help you stay alerted if your temperature reaches a point that is too high, and can help keep you alerted to potential problems that could be occurring before they occur. This can help you save on costly repair bills and help keep you and your truck driving safely and confidently when you are on traveling.

Our EGT Gauge and Sensor(Pyrometer) product page.

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