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Dual Display Load Air Pressure & Turboboost Sensor Meter

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If you are looking for a new accessory for your vehicle and you want to be able to monitor the load air pressure and turbo boost in your tractor, truck, RV, motorhome or car, this dual display load PSI and turbo boost sensor meter is what you are looking for. This digital dual load air pressure and turboboost gauge has a range of 0-150 PSI and is supplied with two high accuracy PSI sensors and cables. The dual display air pressure and turbo boost gauge can display both the vehicle pressure and the air bag pressure to be able to calculate the accurate load and turbo boost pressure that is being used in your truck, tractor, car, RV, motorhome or other vehicle.

With this load air pressure and turbo boost sensor meter, not only will you have a stylish new addition to your vehicle's dashboard, but you will also have the confidence of knowing exactly how much pressure is in your air bags and how much turboboost pressure you are dealing with and the information necessary to make adjustments.  This data will help ensure you have a smooth and secure ride. You can be rest assured that the sensor meter will be reliable with our Teltek USA lifetime warranty, and you can depend on the gauge to help you accurately read the amount of pressure being used. 

The gauge comes with either a bright blue or red LED display.  You also have the choice of a black or chrome bezel for the display.  Included with the meter display are two high-accuracy 12' sensor cables.  The gauge is made in America and back by a Teltek USA lifetime warranty.

Turbo boost gauges are used to help ensure that there is not excessive pressure being generated when the boost pressure is modified to higher levels than the OEM standards. A turbo boost gauge can measure the pressure in either PSI or Bar and can even measure the vacuum pressure in inches of mercury. A turbocharger consists of both a turbine and a compressor that are linked together by a shared axle. The turbine inlet receives the exhaust gases from the engine that cause the turbine wheel to be able to rotate. This rotation drives the compressor and the compressing air which results in a greater amount of air that enters into the cylinder. In some cases, the compressed air is then routed through an intercooler.

Our digital turbo boost sensor is able to accurately read the amount of pressure that is being applied and can be a very helpful tool when you are out on the road. Boost refers to the increase in the pressure that is generated by a turbocharger that exceeds the normal level of pressure. The level of boost can be shown in a turbo boost gauge and it is representative of the extra amount of air pressure that is achieved over what would otherwise be achieved without the extra forced pressure.

Click here to see our Digital dual display Load Air Pressure & Turboboost Sensor Meter.

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