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Digital Oil Pressure Gauge


Oil Pressure Sensor Gauge for Trucks and Cars


This Teltek oil pressure gauge Ranges from 0 - 150 PSI. Supplied with a High Accuracy PSI sensor with a 12' plug in cable. Mounts in a standard 2 1/16" Hole.

If you are looking for an oil pressure gauge that has a range of 0-150 PSI, this load PSI pressure sensor gauge can be a great choice for your truck, car, RV or tractor. Keep informed of the oil pressure in your car by having the accuracy of a digital car oil pressure sensor gauge. With this helpful gauge, you'll be able to monitor the precise pressure of the oil in your tractor. Specifically, the oil pressure gauge is able to report pressures from as low as 0, to as much as 150 PSI. Unlike some other gauges on the market, this oil pressure gauge features a top of the line LED display, with large, easy to read numbers in either blue or red. It is also important to note this product is USA made and offers a lifetime warranty (excluding abuse or sensor cable). 

The digital auto oil pressure gauge will fit in a standard 2 1/16” dash hole. The digital gauge comes in chrome or black color, so drivers can choose which ever color suits them. As previously mentioned, the LED display is excellent and drivers should have no problem reading the numbers, even under sunlight. In addition to commercial purposes, this oil pressure gauge can be fitted on non-commercial cars and motor homes which carry heavy loads (ie: campers).  This gauge works many different truck manufacturers such as Ford, Peterbilt, Kenworth and Chevy.

Checking the oil pressure gauge and making the right adjustments can keep your tractor, car or truck running at its best and help prevent future repair bills down the road. You can have the benefit of getting real chrome plating on the bezels at no additional cost to you, making the load weight gauge a nice addition to your display panel.  With this digital auto car oil pressure sensor gauge, not only will you have a stylish new addition to your vehicle's dashboard, but you will also have the confidence of knowing exactly how much oil pressure and PSI you are dealing with and the information necessary to make adjustments, which will ensure you have a smooth and secure ride. One can be thankful knowing they are buying a USA made product and you can feel safe knowing it comes with a real lifetime warranty.

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