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Digital Air Filter Monitor Sensor Gauge

Digital Air Filter Monitor Sensor Gauge for Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Sterling, Universal and Volvo


If you are looking for an excellent accessory to add to your truck that can help you accurately monitor the air filter conditions, your search is over.  The gauge and sensor are designed monitor the condition of your air filters and alert you with a gauge display light when the filters need to be changed. This change light indicator is programmable.  Visual inspection of air filters is not enough and should not determine replacement of said air filter.  will light up and alert you when it is time to change your oil filter.  Replacing the air filters based on restriction numbers can significantly reduce your overall maintenance costs.

These digital semi truck air filter gauges will automatically reset itself once you have changed the air filters. The normal range of settings for alerting you when you need to change your air filters in your truck is between 16 inches water vacuum and 18 inches of water vacuum. The light indicates when the level is reached for changing your air filter.  Or, you can set the light to turn on to any value between 0 and 40 inches H20.

Restriction readings are taken at the clean side of the air filter and with no load at full-governed RPM for naturally aspirated diesel engines.  You can have the benefit of choosing a chrome or black bezels, making the load weight gauge a nice addition to your display panel. The blue and red LED displays are excellent and truckers should have no problem reading the numbers, even under sunlight. These Teltek USA air filter gauges come with a lifetime warranty and over 20 years of design and manufacturing.  Not to mention, the air filter indicators are made in America.

If you want to know exactly when you need to replace the air filters in your truck for optimal maintenance, this digital semi truck air filter gauge can help you easily and accurately monitor just that to help your truck keep running at its best. If you need any assistance when you are installing or operating your digital tractor trailer air filter restriction gauge, there is a customer support line with Teltek USA employees who are ready to help answer any questions that you may have on the gauge and assist you with any challenges you may encounter.

Do not go another trip without having the convenience of knowing when you should change your air filters in your truck. Being able to accurately monitor the air filters can help extend the life of your truck and keep it in better running order for a longer period of time. It can also save you from having to take your truck in for costly repairs when you could have helped prevented them by changing your air filters. 

In addition, digital auto gauges have different air gauges such as Teltek Air Pressure Gauge for Any Semi,Pickup Truck or Car, and Air Pressure Reservoir Gauge for Trucks. All these products have different variation such as led color: red and blue , bezel color : chrome and black. For Air Pressure Gauge , there are PSI Variation from  0-100 and 0-150.


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